Thyroid storm

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So much fail, indeed. How do you jump from palpitations in what sounds like an otherwise healthy patient with normal vital signs to thyroid storm? Does this NP even know what thyroid storm is? Clearly, the answer is no. I'm no endocrinologist, but I paid enough attention in medical school to know that any patient with thyroid storm is going to look pretty fucking sick. Hell, even a layperson with access to WebMD could do better than this NP!

I think the real icing on the cake, though, is the NP's decision to just call it a day and send this patient home with an antithyroid medication and beta blocker. With outpatient follow-up in a week. No big deal. It's not like thyroid storm is a life-threatening condition or anything that typically requires ICU admission, extensive workups, and complex treatment protocols that may require pressors and plasmapheresis. It's kind of frightening to imagine that if this NP actually did send a patient with thyroid storm home, they'd likely be dead.