Got a juicy tidbit that highlights midlevel incompetence and helps make the case why midlevels shouldn't be allowed to practice independently? Want to see your story published on MidlevelWTF? We welcome submissions of all shapes, sizes, and forms from our readers!



Please adhere to the following guidelines for all submissions.


  • All submissions should be free of patient identifying information, i.e. anything that could be considered a HIPAA violation, unless already publicly available elsewhere
  • Do not censor, blur, or otherwise modify screenshots, unless absolutely necessary to protect your own or a patient's identity or unless otherwise specified below
  • We reserve the right to publicly ridicule and republish any hate mail we receive.

Social Media

  • Any "public" post is fair game, e.g. any Facebook profile post, page/group post, Twitter post, Instagram post, TikTok video viewable by a reasonably large audience; for example, content from a private Facebook group with more than a few hundred members is not subject to any reasonable expectation of privacy.
  • If possible, including the "permalink" of the post is highly recommended in order to facilitate independent verification of its authenticity.

EMR screenshots

  • All HIPAA-protected patient identifiers should be removed, as well as any information that could be used to identify the originator of the screenshot.
  • Medical staff identifiers (particularly the names of midlevel providers) can be left in if directly relevant to the purpose and content of the submission.
  • Don't forget to identify the hospital/healthcare facility in question.

Private Messages

  • Screenshots/transcripts of private messages / direct messages are acceptable if all participant names are removed, unless you are a party to the conversation. We highly recommend referring to your local and state laws to ensure that your submission would be compliant (e.g. states that require two-party consent).