The PMHNPs' dirty laundry

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The PMHNPs' day of reckoning is coming.

It's no secret that psychiatry-mental health NPs are woefully unprepared to provide safe and effective patient care. How could you reasonably expect them to, after completing purchasing a 100%-online degree from a for-profit diploma mill and as little as 500-600 of clinical training hours (which nowadays might amount to nothing more than some shadowing over Zoom)? We applaud this NP for addressing the elephant in the room and speaking the uncomfortable truth:

Some of the responses are quite enlightening.

Even with 2,000 clinical hours, a PMHNP's training would still pale in comparison compared to that of an attending psychiatrist.

Wow, what a horrifying thought. Can you imagine a newly graduated physician without any understanding of pharmacology and not having any idea of how to prescribe medication?

Good to see that we're not the only ones who see the AANP and its ulterior motives for what they really are!

The fact that so many NP students attend these scummy online universities is proof in the pudding that the prevailing attitude toward nurse practitioner education is, as this author puts it, is "fast, easy, and cheap". There's no concern whatsoever for the quality of patient care, learning the foundations of medicine, or grasping the basics of clinical research and medical ethics. Why do you think we see so many Facebook consults from nurse practitioners? It's so fast and easy!

It's good to see that more PMHNPs (and NPs in general) are beginning to see the cracks in the foundation of their house of cards. As the sheer extent of their medical incompetence and the danger they pose to patients becomes more evident to physicians and other stakeholders in the healthcare system, it's only a matter of time before their day of reckoning arrives.