The DNP is a rigorous degree with very demanding coursework

💬 comments demonstrated by this "project" that was posted to a large Facebook NP group:

Ask yourself: in what world is creating an online survey considered to be appropriate coursework for what is supposed to be a terminal, doctoral-level degree? High school students have completed projects that were much more rigorous than this. It's no surprise that the DNP has earned a reputation for fluff and is often hated by its own holders; when the admissions and educational standards for even a master's-level degree in nursing (MSN) are so low, what do you expect? Can you imagine a medical student doing a project like this to earn their MD or DO degree? How exactly does studying the effects of meditation, exercise, and taking a break on nurse practitioners' well-being help further one's medical knowledge and ability to diagnose, work up, and treat disease in patients? Hint: it doesn't.