ST elevation, what could it mean?

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Unfortunately, the patient died of a massive heart attack before someone on Facebook could respond. Just wow. I think I'm about to have a STEMI myself after reading this post by PMHNP Andrew Corbin. If your first course of action when seeing an EKG that says "ST elevation" on it is to go on a Facebook group and ask other PMHNPs for their "thoughts on EKG", you're doing it wrong. Very wrong.

While it's statistically unlikely that a 19-year-old would be having a true STEMI, it's certainly not unheard of for a young patient to have abnormalities on their EKG that could be due to some other acute non-cardiac pathology, congenital heart disease, or a benign normal variant. In any case, a PMHNP, let alone any midlevel, shouldn't be attempting to interpret an EKG and then making major treatment decisions (such as starting a patient on lithium). It's not like lithium could unmask a potentially deadly Brugada syndrome or anything. With two major health systems and three hospitals in Lincoln, Nebraska, would it be really that hard to find a cardiologist to ask instead of posting on Facebook about what sounds likely a questionable and abnormal EKG? And if you insist on consulting random people, why not send the EKG over to Amal Mattu? (Kidding. Don't do that.) Not a great look, buddy.