Skits! Skits! Skits!

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Midlevels aren't the only ones capable of making cringey internet videos!

In an effort to expand and diversify our content, the team here at MidlevelWTF has decided to get into the business of producing a new type of content, cartoon skits! Here's an example from one of our more recent stories, "Urgent care NP sends patient off to the ED to get a cardiac stent", created using the latest-and-greatest in cartoon animation software.

Taking inspiration from the timeless classic "Orthopedia vs Anesthesia" as well as the short-form humor from more recent medical celebrities such as Dr. Glaucomflecken, we'll be aiming to dramatize, satirize, and parody real-world midlevel patient cases and stories, in addition to producing more documentary content, using the same sarcasm, caustic humor, and sometimes vulgarity that we've become known (notorious?) for. But more minds are always better, and if you've got a good idea for a MidlevelWTF-themed video skit, whether fact-based or fictional, don't hesitate to drop us a line!