Who needs rural primary care when you can get a Botox injection instead?

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One of the AANP's favorite talking points to expand the number of nurse practitioners and support their push for full practice authority is that, supposedly, an increase in the size of the NP workforce will lead to an increase in access to primary care in rural areas. However, multiple studies refute this; only 25% of NPs in the relatively NP-friendly, full practice state of Oregon practice primary care, and any increase in accessibility of rural care would not only be modest, but potentially offset by a reduction in services that might be offered by a physician but not a midlevel.

And then you have NPs like Cindle Spidle-Salsberry who are clearly more concerned about "making $$$". It's plainly obvious that followers of The Elite Nur$e Practitioner are more concerned about making money by doing Botox injections in untapped markets than addressing the primary care shortage.