PMHNP shows off her amazing sense of compassion

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When you're a nurse practitioner and all else fails, just blame the patient and his mother!

If a remotely competent and compassionate physician were to receive a call from a patient's mother informing them that the patient had fallen outside in the dark while sedated and had hurt himself badly enough that he had to "crawl to get back home", the usual response would be to immediately call 911 and have the patient transported to the nearest emergency department as soon as possible for evaluation of possible traumatic injury. Of course, a PMHNP is a far, far cry from a remotely competent and compassionate physician, and as the above post from PMHNP Kymberly Kuhns demonstrates, it really shows.

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Not only does NP Kym apparently lack the basic human decency to return the mother's call, she also appears to enjoy victim-blaming! "That's on you." "What did he think would happen?" Jesus fucking Christ, Kym. As healthcare professionals, we've all felt the urge to judge and blame patients for the things they do to themselves. But at least most physicians have the self-awareness and decorum to not publicly air their patients' dirty laundry and bad behavior in public, certainly not in written form in a public Facebook group.