PMHNP has a burning hatred for their supervising physician, wants to "catch this doc outside"

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We can only hope that this PMHNP gets some professional psychiatric help - from a board-certified psychiatrist, of course.

PMHNP has a burning hatred for their supervising physician, wants to "catch this doc outside"
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I am holding on to a lot of hatred for my supervising physician. I am using all the coping skills, evaluating the truth, reality testing my thoughts, using mindfulness techniques, journaling, writing letters, Gestalt empty chair techniques, conversing with loved ones, journaling, grounding, exercising, getting outside, and screaming.  I hate having hatred.  The skills I teach to patients deal with anger; to dissipate this hatred, it is not working for me. I will go to therapy eventually but because of the circumstances I am in because of this supervising physician, I cannot afford it nor do I have the time.  Suggestions?

Wow! It's scary and sad to see this midlevel harboring such a burning hatred toward their supervising physician and blaming him/her "for the circumstances I am in." Instead of asking other midlevel nurse practitioners for "suggestions", this PMHNP needs to get some professional psychiatric help (from a physician board-certified in psychiatry, of course!)

I have considered it. But, I am only 105 lbs on a good day. I have been lifting weights for a while, though. I can deadlift 200 lbs. Maybe I have a chance? Thank you. I guess I will catch this doc outside.
Jeremy Wade, NP (source: LinkedIn)
Kayla Ashley (West)

Even scarier, it appears that this PMHNP isn't just venting. In our clinical practice, we've certainly had patients involuntarily hospitalized for making violent threats such as this. And it's absolutely disgusting and disturbing that other PMHNPs - NPs who supposed specialize in mental health - are actively encouraging violence. As shown above, Jeremy Wade, who is presumably no stranger to the consequences of violence if he works in the emergency department, is actively suggesting that "violence IS the answer". And it's not just male PMHNPs like Jeremy - at least one female PMHNP - Kayla Ashley (West) is actively encouraging the same (although, we hope, in a more figurative sense). In any case, healthcare-associated violence is a real thing, and we can only hope that this midlevel nurse practitioner doesn't decide to go postal and commit an act of violence against their supervising physician or go on a mass shooting spree. On the bright side, if you only weight 105 pounds on a good day, you probably won't pose much of a threat...