Past President of AANP knows current NPs are not competent, but is proud to have gotten them FPA in the VA system

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This is the "heart of a nurse" they speak of: yeah, our students are just "warm bodies", but I got them FPA! Talking about being ethically bankrupt. It isn't just us taking notice - other NPs are appalled too:

These NPs know their trainees cannot hack it. They make no bones about it. But at the same time, they don't about what happens to patients. Patients like Betty Wattenbarger - an innocent 7-year-old who died because an NP in an urgent care couldn't even recognize the fact she was seriously ill and sent her home. She later died.

Betty, at the urgent care about 6 hours before she died. A physician can see she is blue, and dehydrated. This child needed emergent care 

Sophia Thomas, as current President of the AANP, we know that you will eventually read this. How do you plan to reconcile the deficiencies in these poorly trained nurse practitioners as recognized by your predecessor, with your organization's support for full practice authority and unsupervised, independent practice?