"I was taught in school to never refer to a doctor"

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And we were taught in medical school to always put the patient first.


We find this post horrifying, and in more ways than one. How can anyone, in good conscience, claim to provide good patient care when they're taught to never refer to a doctor? Needless to say, physicians consult and refer to other physician colleagues all the fucking time! Just as troubling is the fact that this well-regarded PMHNP midlevel by the name of Deann Louise Lauer seems to be more concerned about her online image, bottom line and practicing "at the top of her license" ("our license means we can practice everything by ourselves"...what?) instead of adhering to safe, medically indicated prescribing practices for controlled substances such as benzodiazepines. If you really need to ask out loud whether you should be prescribing stimulants without further evaluation...the answer is a resounding HELL NO. Perhaps this should not be too surprising - after all, midlevels have been found to write more prescriptions for opiates, psychotropics, and antibiotics compared to physicians. Sounds like the mom's instincts are right - they should have seen an actual doctor!


Let's take a closer took at PMHNP Deann Lauer's education. She claims to have "received graduate training from the Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus." Here is the curriculum for that program:


We wonder, in which course does CU Anschutz instruct its NP students to engage in anti-collaborative behavior by never referring to physicians? Perhaps it's in "Theory Foundations for Advanced Nursing"? "Policy & Politics of Health"? Or maybe it's in "Advanced Professional Role"? Remember, CU Anschutz is the very same institution that charges osteopathic (DO) and international medical students more than $4,000 to complete an away rotation there. Clearly, anti-physician bias is not limited to just the nursing school.