Mom deserves an answer from an obstetrician, not a Facebook group

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Some NPs just have no qualms when it comes to asking for medical advice in specialty areas way above their pay grade, like OB/GYN. To be honest, I wouldn't even be trusting a non-OB/GYN physician to get into topics like amniotic fluid volume. Dredging up my very basic medical school-level OB/GYN knowledge (which is definitely still more than an NP level of knowledge), I do know that an amniotic fluid index (AFI) of greater than 24 is evidence of polyhydramnios, which can be a sign of all sorts of badness for the developing fetus. I can only hope that this NP already referred the patient to an OB and is asking this question out of curiosity, because if not, I would be livid. There's a reason why OB/GYN residency is 4 years. There's a reason why Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) fellowships are another three years on top of that. It's so that mom and baby can be cared for by a competent physician who knows what the fuck they're doing and doesn't defer their medical decision-making to a group of random people on Facebook.