Midlevel's House Calls

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Somehow, "Midlevel's House Calls" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Midlevel's House Calls

Deep down in the bowels of Facebook, we recently came across this highly questionable advertisement for an outfit in the great potato state of Idaho, "Doctor's House Calls of Idaho". One would hope that they make up for their utter lack of coming up with a more creative name by actually living up to it, but as with everything on MidlevelWTF, this is not the case. Apparently, the ages-old tradition of actual physicians doing house calls has been corrupted to the point where a midlevel nurse practitioner who may have as little as 500 hours of clinical training is "good enough" for the usually sicker, older, and homebound patients who would benefit most from direct evaluation by a residency-trained physician.

Healthcare At Home | Doctor’s House Calls of Idaho | Doctors Come to your Home
Doctor’s House Calls of Idaho provides at-home healthcare services where our doctors visit you in the comfort of your home, whether that’s in a house or assisted living facility. We’re available to you. We are the best care by the best people and we offer services throughout Idaho.
As of 06/28/2022

Even more misleading is the mission statement on the Doctor's House Calls of Idaho website, which claims to "provide family practice physicians directly to the patient, wherever they call home". Unless dear Dr. Freston is personally tagging along with the nurse practitioner for every house call (which would eliminate the need for a midlevel in the first place), this statement appears to be nothing more than a bald-faced lie!