Liar, liar, pants on fire: PMHNP student edition

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This story from an NP group on Facebook provides a valuable glimpse into the types of bottom-feeding scum being accepted into NP schools these days.

Liar, liar, pants on fire: PMHNP student edition

The following story was posted by a nurse practitioner in the "PMHNP" Facebook group. The raw post image can be found here. Edits have been made for grammar and clarity.

For the first time I decided to take a student…I hit my two-year mark in May. A classmate reached out saying the school had contacted her, but she couldn’t do it. So I agreed - I was so nervous! (Imposter syndrome.) The student began at the end of June. I was sent a message Wednesday to confirm her hours. The dates and hours didn’t match, so I told the school that there must have been some type of error. They then sent me a screenshot of what the student had documented - that we worked 12-13 hour per day, giving her 146 total hours! 🤦🏾‍♀️

I was mortified and immediately told the school that this information was incorrect, and that given the circumstances, I would not be able to precept her for the fall. I was significantly concerned about her integrity and what that would mean for her future patients. Said student then proceeded to text me and say that this was my fault because I should have contacted her first about her hours. Over several text messages, she said I was mean and a liar because I told her I would do what I could to help her and that I had said I would sign off on anything...she then asked me if she adjust her hours down to 10-hour days, could she come do two more days with me to finish her hours?

My office is only open Monday from 8-6pm, Tuesday/Thursday from 8-5pm, and Fridays 8-12pm. 😩😩😩 She also had a day documented where she didn’t even show up. In total, she only completed 85 hours. She then said, "So what if I tacked on a few hours?  It was my drive time included even though it wasn’t actual 'clinic hours'." And as a cherry on top she said, "This is why I don’t deal with other black people cuz y’all get these jobs and don’t want to help anybody else..."

I literally can’t make this up! For my summer internship, I drove 2.5 hours, stayed at a hotel from Tuesday to Friday, then would go back home and work Saturday and Sunday night. I had to do 150 hours, then 30 hours with a MD who thankfully worked at my hospital on those weeks that I also worked my PRN job. I had to do four days a month minimum...but I’m high and mighty now? 🤦🏾‍♀️

Additional commentary by Midlevel.WTF

Wow, holy shit. When the admissions criteria for entry into nurse practitioner programs are wide enough to drive a truck through, I guess stories like these are the inevitable result. Including commute time in hours worked? Logging days worked when you didn't even bother to fucking show up? Meanwhile, medical students and resident physicians routinely face the opposite problem of figuring out how to log less hours than they've actually worked in order to stay compliant with ACGME/duty-hour restrictions. And to top it all off, it seems that this PMHNP student is making unfounded racist accusations against her preceptor. Jesus fucking Christ. A medical student or resident caught doing this would certainly meet a swift and unforgiving end. In all likelihood, this PMHNP student's school will attempt to brush things under the rug in the interest of keeping her tuition money and graduating one more warm body. Now immagine the prospect of future nurse practitioners like this clamoring for full practice authority right out of the gate. God help us all.