It's just a flesh wound

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We would be truly horrified if this was an actual patient case, but thankfully, based on the comments of this post, it appears that this is none other than this nurse practitioner's very own finger! Can anyone give her some pointers? We're not too sure that soliciting medical advice from internet "wound care specialists" is the brightest idea though. Does she do the same for her patients? You see, typically we like to keep our fingers and not have to have them amputated later due to a raging untreated infection because someone on the internet told us it'd be "fine". There's all sorts of nasty possibilities to be concerned about here with a distal fingertip injury like this. Is there a nail bed laceration that needs sutures? Is this person up to date on their tetanus immunization? Could there possibly be a tuft fracture? Is there a scenario in which antibiotics might be recommended? It's not like nail/fingertip injuries are notorious for high morbidity and poor cosmetic healing if not treated properly. No one would blink twice if an injury such as this presented to an actual emergency department staffed by physicians, and not an urgent care where this NP might be seen by another midlevel with no idea what to do. If you're asking yourself questions like "the nail was sliced too, not sure if it should be removed" you should probably stop consulting Facebook about your wound and seek medical attention from a qualified physician, stat!