Hold on, let me refer to my info sheets

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Why bother with medical school and psychiatry residency when you can just refer to an info sheet and use an app?

"Not sure where to start." That's a really reassuring thing to hear from someone who you're trusting to take care of your child, isn't it? It's not like ADHD medications and stimulants could have major side effects or anything:

Warning insert for Adderall

There's a reason psychiatry residency is four years long, possibly followed by a two-year child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship. That's all after four years of medical school.  As a parent, would you trust your child's health and well-being to a midlevel who might not even have any experience with pediatric psychiatry, like this one? I sure as hell would not! Children deserve better than a nurse practitioner relying on an "info sheet"!