Get your liposuction done by "Doctor" Secil Schodroski

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Get your liposuction done by "Doctor" Secil Schodroski

Remember that pair of enterprising nurse practitioners in Indiana who completely went off the reservation by showing off their shit-tier liposuction skills in an Instagram video, all while being "supervised" by a pathologist? Unfortunately, they weren't the first, and certainly won't be the last. Today, we regret to inform our audience of the existence of a nurse practitioner in Missouri by the name of Secil Schodroski (Missouri NP license #2014014296), who is not only brazen enough to advertise herself a "Doctor" on Instagram without disclosing that she's actually a nurse practitioner, but also post video evidence of herself performing liposuction (poorly) on a real, live patient. Ms. Secil Schodroski earned her FNP and DNP degrees from the esteemed diploma mills Harvard-class research institutions known as Walden University and Chamberlain University. And perhaps fittingly, she advertises herself as being featured in the Netflix documentary "I Am A Killer".

Florida Department of Health - Secil Aneitra Schodroski

She now runs the decidedly sketchy-sounding "The Health & Wellness Center" in St. Louis, Missouri, which is unfortunately listed as a "Doctor" in Google Maps.

"The Health & Wellness Center" - Google Maps
St. Louis, MO Med Spa | Health & Wellness Center -

Without further ado, we'll let the video (originally posted to her Instagram profile here) speak for itself:

This is at the Health and Wellness Center, and I'm doing liposuction on a female patient - abdominal liposuction on a female patient. Vitals are good, and she'd like to talk. She says she needs to talk.
Patient: I want to let you all know that this is a very good place to come to. I am numb completely. I don't feel anything. I'm woke. I can feel it's aggressive, that my results are going to be amazing. The doctor has excellent bedside manner. She asks me how I feel periodically, and I'm just very excited because I've never been woke for nothing like this. I had 60 seconds in my life, and this is a breeze right here. I just want to say thank you. I'm numb, and I don't feel nothing, and come down and get your lipo done. That's all I can say.

Transcribed by OpenAI Whisper

Needless to say, having your patient give a mostly-nonsensical and over-optimistic testimonial hamming up your practice in the middle of a fucking surgical procedure is just crude and tasteless. And how can you know that your "results are going to be amazing" when you're not even done being operated on by someone you keep calling a "doctor", when you seem to be blissfully unaware that she's not actually a physician?

We certainly weren't the first to watch this video with our mouths gaping wide fucking open; indeed, Ms. Secil Schodroski has already received some coverage through Reddit. and some private physician groups on social media.

Reddit thread

We don't have any plastic surgeons on staff here at Midlevel.WTF, but even so, it doesn't take a highly-trained eye to note multiple issues with Secil's execution and technique, issues that she has graciously decided to share firsthand with us by making the brilliant decision to film herself essentially committing malpractice. It's obvious her surgical gown and gloves are more for show than anything else - hopefully, the surgical instrument she's shoving into the patient's body is a bit more sterile than her completely exposed right wrist. And why isn't she wearing any eye protection? Better yet, why isn't the patient wearing a face mask while blabbing away and potentially contaminating the surgical field with gobs of saliva? Buy a liposuction, get a post-op surgical site infection free!

But the real question is, how are nurse practitioners such as Secil Schodroski allowed to brazenly operate (literally) in the open in Missouri, which is a state that doesn't grant full practice authority to nurse practitioners? Surely, she must have a supervising physician. Is said physician actually a surgeon credentialed and qualified to perform liposuction, and are they within 75 miles of Secil, as is legally required in Missouri? It's anyone's guess. In any case, we can certainly conclude that no sane person (and certainly no physicians) would want a questionably-qualified nurse practitioner who can't even gown-and-glove correctly performing any sort of invasive procedure on them!

Certainly, given the above, we believe that filing a complaint in good faith with the Missouri State Board of Nursing is warranted in this case. Unfortunately, as is often the case, state nursing boards protect their own and do jack squat. At least we can do our part by submitting corrections to Google Maps... 😉