Do any physicians want to collaborate with this disgraced Ohio NP?

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Inappropriate prescribing, failure to comply, a bar fight, a Porsche 911, drunk driving, domestic violence, and literally can't make this stuff up.

Do any physicians want to collaborate with this disgraced Ohio NP?
Do any physicians want to collaborate with this disgraced Ohio NP?
by u/MidlevelWTF in Noctor

Our sources within The Elite Nurse Practitioner group on Facebook never fail to disappointment us with leads on quality content, and the subject of our latest exposé is no exception. You see, Findlay, Ohio-based "elite" nurse practitioner/midwife Cierra Renee Hartman (Ohio license APRN.CNM.019399)  is looking for a new collaborating/supervising physician ASAP for her medspa "Balance Hormone & Wellness Clinic" after her current collaborating physician/carrier dropped her. The deadline seems pretty tight and she seems pretty desperate, so we figured we'd do her a solid and warn off any prospective applicants repost the ad before she has to move to another state with full practice authority for midlevel nurse practitioners and avoid the hassle of being directed and supervised by a qualified physician. Any publicity is good publicity, right?  

Posted January 19, 2024 at 11:08 AM

Ms. Hartman's med-spa appears to offer quite the diverse selection of expensive services, as evidenced by the fact that she's charging $600-$1,300 for tirzepatide, filling people up with Xeomin, performing body contouring, offering teeth whitening services, and even dabbling in sauna detox. If you want to look like a Barbie (or Ken), Balance Hormone & Wellness Clinic is clearly the place to go. /s

It would appear that Balance Hormone & Wellness Clinic has been so financially successful for Ms. Hartman, in fact, that she bought a used Porsche 911 Carrera on behalf of her business as a "business car" in July 2023 from Great Lakes Toyota in Findlay, OH. (Our resident car expert tells us that this is a 2011-2016 pre-facelift 991.1-generation Carrera that can be found for ~$55,000-$65,000 and is therefore not as nice as it sounds.)

The eyebrow-raising nature of using a Porsche 911 as a "business car" notwithstanding, the above pictures heavily imply that this German sports exotic is being used for more than just "business" purposes, unless she's holding a Botox party in the forest or something. Oh, what we would give to see a copy of her tax returns and business deductions!

But, alas, we digress. If Ms. Hartman's medspa is so successful, then why did Guardian, her collaborating physician provider/carrier drop her? Why was the below message about the medspa closing for two weeks hastily posted to Facebook just 10 minutes later, at 11:18 AM? Supposedly it's because the offices are moving. Suuuuure.

Posted January 19, 2024 at 11:18 AM

Most importantly, what's this about a board consent agreement? For this, we turn to the records made publicly available by the Ohio Board of Nursing:

Ms. Hartman's damning self-admissions can be found on pages 4-5 of the PDF above (labeled as pages 3-4 in the document itself), and we've copied them below:

C. MS. HARTMAN knowingly and voluntarily admits to the following:

  1. Between August and December 2022, she issued and filled prescriptions for medications for a family member although the medications were for her self-administration. The medications included antibiotics, antifungals, an ointment, prednisone, and Zofran, and were billed to the family member’s Medicaid and/or health insurance.
  2. She has not submitted to the Board the name and business address of any collaborating physicians since October 2019 when she began engaging in the practice of nursing as a certified nurse-midwife.
  3. She has owned and operated Balance Hormone and Wellness Clinic in Findlay, Ohio, since approximately March 2022. She offers treatments including medical weight loss, dermafillers, dermaplaning, body contouring, and compounding hormones to clients. She has failed to provide a copy of any standard care arrangement to the Board for her current practice, or a copy of any standard care arrangement for the past three (3) years. She further failed to provide documentation to the Board of her participation in a quality assurance process.
  4. While working as an APRN-CNM at Balance Hormone and Wellness Clinic from March to July 2022, she issued prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances to two (2) patients. These prescriptions did not meet the requirements of Section 4723.481(C)(1), ORC.
  5. In November 2021, she was convicted of misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct in Ashland Municipal Court. The case was based on an August 2021 incident at a bar and the police report indicated that she had been drinking. In August 2022, she was convicted of misdemeanor Operating a Vehicle While Impaired by Alcohol or Drugs in Butler County Area Court - Area 2. The case was based on a July 2022 traffic stop. In March 2023, she was convicted of misdemeanor Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence in Findlay Municipal Court. The case was based on an October 2022 traffic stop.

D. In interviews with Board Investigators, MS. HARTMAN stated:

  1. She had collaborating physicians and participated in quality assurance, but she believed employers and others were reporting that information to the Board. She has a current collaborating physician who is available for questions, but has had very little contact with the physician.
  2. She stopped drinking alcohol in October 2022 and was in counseling. She used alcohol in the past as a crutch, and to calm herself.
Findlay, OH Municipal Court

After searching the public criminal case records of Findlay Municipal Court, we also discovered that Ms. Hartman was the defendant in a related October 2022 domestic violence case, although the charge was ultimately dropped as Ms. Hartman was engaged in alcohol counseling and the victim declined to pursue further charges.

Hot diggety damn, you literally cannot make this shit up. We've got inappropriate self-prescribing, Medicaid/insurance fraud, noncompliance with state healthcare laws and regulations, inappropriate prescribing of schedule II controlled substances (that likely falls afoul of federal laws enforced by the DEA as well), a history of alcohol abuse, a bar fight resulting in misdemeanor charges, domestic violence, and DUI. Jesus fucking Christ - not only is she a model citizen, she's also the kind of midlevel nurse practitioner every physician would want to work with. What could possibly go wrong?

If any prospective physicians are still thinking of collaborating with Ms. Hartman, don't worry, she needs "nothing insane from my collab".

Have her collaborating physician(s) submit quarterly, written reports regarding her performance as an APRN-CNM beginning within sixty (60) days of the effective date of this Consent Agreement. MS. HARTMAN shall have her collaborating physician(s) send documentation to the Board, along with the first collaborating physician’s report, of receipt of a copy of this Consent Agreement, including the date the Consent Agreement was received. The reports shall include documentation, satisfactory to the Board, of participation in a quality assurance process at least every 6 months.

"Nothing insane", right? It's not like your medical license would be at risk by collaborating with a midlevel nurse practitioner as reputable and trustworthy as Ms. Hartman. Trust us, you'll be totally fine.