"Could it be MRSA?"

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Yep, it's MRSA. Definitely MRSA.

Dermatology isn't my specialty area either, but hey, like everyone else who want to medical school and not midlevel school I can recognize and treat basic ailments, because, you know, common things (like the ringworm pictured here) are common. All the clues are there, too - "another oval patch has emerged like the beginnings of the first one." It doesn't take an infectious disease physician to know that MRSA cellulitis doesn't do anything like that. Indeed, this is literally the type of bread-and-butter pathology that shows up regularly on family medicine / internal medicine shelf exams and the USMLE. If midlevels can't even figure out how to effectively manage a simple fungal skin infection, how can you expect them to manage anything more complicated or potentially life-threatening?

On another note, I always chuckle whenever I see a midlevel write "posted with permission of patient." It really makes you wonder, did they tell the patient "I'm going to post pictures of your skin on Facebook and solicit for medical advice that may or may not be correct, from a group full of people that may or may not be medical professionals and have absolutely no professional responsibility to you as a patient"? In any case, if you have to admit that "<x> isn't my specialty area", then you should probably refer the patient to a specialist physician!