Brilliant NP shares her scientific hypothesis on COVID-19 bioweapon research

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Gain of function? More like loss of brain function.

It's no big secret to physicians and those closely following healthcare news that physicians are leading the way when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination rates. Something like 95% of physicians have been vaccinated (or intend to be vaccinated) against COVID-19, while the rate among nurses is, at best, only around half that. This shouldn't come as a surprise, given the vastly inferior education and training that nurses (and by extension, nurse practitioners) receive in the basic sciences compared to physicians. The educational gap starts well before the graduate-level basic science classes taught during the preclinical years of medical school; for example, most nursing degree programs (certainly not those at the associate's degree level) don't require advanced prerequisite classes that pre-meds usually take such as calculus, organic chemistry, and biochemistry. While the usefulness and applicability of such courses to the future physician is debatable, the fact remains that these "weed-out" courses require a certain minimum degree of critical thinking, intelligence, and scientific aptitude. It would not be unreasonable for one to conclude that such qualities are probably severely lacking in people, such as the above featured NP Jaime Sealock, who think that viral gain-of-function research has anything to do with human opioid pain receptors or that "they" made COVID-19 a weapon. And who is "they", anyway? Joe Biden? Those no-good Democrats and communists? The Chinese? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Dr. Fauci? The Cookie Monster? Please specify, Jaime. Does she even know understand the biological concept of gain-of-function? And how did they "manipulate the receptors" anyway???

It seems that NP Jaime currently works for Optum Health in a CDQI (Clinical Documentation Quality Improvement) role, a position that is often remote/work from home. Perhaps if she went back to work in a hard-hit Texas ICU and cared for some COVID+ patients as part of a physician-led, physician-supervised team, she might develop a more, uh, realistic understanding of how COVID affects humans. And some remedial courses in human biology, basic microbiology, and biochemistry might not hurt, either!