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No period? Maybe try coming up with a differential first?

"I'm not sure what sort of testing this would require." Well, gee. Maybe if we put some minimal thought into the sorts of things that would cause a woman to not ovulate without being pregnant, we could come up with a plan for what to test for! Even if I'm a complete dunce and have absolutely no idea, I could refer to this handy-dandy UpToDate article that lists not one, not two, but at least six common causes of amenorrhea! And how about this UpToDate article that tells you exactly what to order for initial laboratory testing! It's so simple, even a monkey could do it. Hell, even fucking Wikipedia of all places is a decent place to start. This patient simply deserves better - they deserve a real primary care physician or OBGYN capable of practicing basic medicine and formulating a differential, assessment, and plan for a condition that even a second-year medical student could recognize.