We're sending midlevels to outer space now?

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29-Year-Old St. Jude PA, Cancer Survivor Chosen for First All-Civilian Space Trip Aboard SpaceX
Hayley Arceneaux of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis is headed to space — here’s how you can get a chance to join her

I'm really happy for this woman and all - I mean, who would turn down a opportunity to go to outer space, right? Not to mention beating osteosarcoma. But to not only send a physician assistant with no specific background in aerospace medicine into outer space, while also being responsible for the lives of the other people on the mission as the "Chief Medical Director", seems dangerous. Just a bit. For good reason, the only type of healthcare professional that NASA prefers to launch into orbit are astronaut-physicians. Do you really want anyone less when shit hits the inside of your spacesuit? Did Jared Isaacman, a billionare, and St. Jude's really have that much trouble finding a more qualified, fellowship-trained aerospace medicine physician or flight surgeon?

As far as I know, the Trade Federation hasn't passed Full Practice Authority yet for intergalactic midlevels. Pray that they don't alter it any further.