University of Lynchburg calls PA a "cardiology fellow"

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There's only one cardiologist here, and it's the guy with an MD.

It really shouldn't need to be said that a cardiology fellow, by definition, is a physician who has completed internal medicine residency and is undergoing postgraduate subspecialty training in Cardiology. To call this PA a cardiology fellow is not only disgraceful and unethical, but also a slap in the face to attending cardiologists and cardiology fellows everywhere. The tweet even has the gall to link to an even more shamelessly titled piece "Two Generations of Cardiologists". Sorry, but there's only one generation of cardiologists here, and that's the guy with the MD.

I'm also saddened to see that the father (the actual cardiologist) seems to be totally on board with this deception: "Many fields of medicine have developed a “Team Care” approach to patient care. Team Care allows orchestration of care by leveraging each member’s talents and expertise; while the roles may seem distinct, there is much overlap.  This rapidly evolving field leads to efficient, high-quality care for our patients." There's nothing team-based or high quality about trying to deliberately blur the lines between physicians and physician assistants by calling them both "cardiologists". If I were a cardiologist and my son was a PA who was trying to pass himself off as a cardiologist, I would be very disappointed and ashamed. Shame on you, University of Lynchburg, and shame on you, Centra Health!