There is no such a thing as a nurse anesthesiologist

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Anyone who feels the need to prefix the term "anesthesiologist" with "nurse" knows that deep down, they are neither an anesthesiologist nor a physician...they are a nurse. Just as a flight attendant is not a pilot, a nurse anesthetist (or CRNA) is not an anesthesiologist who is a MD/DO physician who has completed residency and/or fellowship training in anesthesiology.

On another note, I find this midlevel's claim that they work "100% harder" to be highly dubious. While a CRNA covers one case and one operating room at a time, anesthesiologists are the ones covering and supervising multiple CRNAs simultaneously, formulating the patients' anesthesiology plans, putting out fires, and performing procedures (such as nerve blocks lines, cardiovascular cases) that the CRNA may not be able to do.

If you ever end up needing to have surgery, always demand that an anesthesiologist, and not a midlevel, provides your anesthesiology care!