Senior resident getting blamed for APRN vanishing

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Senior resident getting blamed for APRN vanishing from r/Residency

What a load of bullshit. This story is infuriating, not only for the midlevel APRN's laziness and lack of work ethic but the attending's line of thinking that the resident should be responsible for the midlevel's conduct. One can be pretty damn sure that the residents were not the ones clamoring for a midlevel to be hired onto the service, let alone be the ones supervising them, especially considering that midlevels typically make well in excess of the $45-$65000 average yearly salary of a resident while also working substantially less.

On a related note, I once experienced a situation during residency where the (NP-staffed) palliative medicine service was consulted for a terminally ill patient. The patient's family was already at bedside. The palliative NP's response? "Sorry, I'm too busy right now, they'll have to wait until tomorrow." WTF? Mind you, this was at 3:30 pm in the afternoon. What a pathetic and completely heartless response.