"I feel like school did not prepare me for this very well"

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Imagine working in a walk-in clinic while being clueless about antibiotics. Unimaginable for a doctor, but par for the course for midlevels.

Does anybody else find it absolutely insane that someone who sees patients in a walk-in clinic apparently has no understanding of the basics of antibiotics? If you need to ask something as fundamental as "what bacteria it treats", we're going to be seriously, seriously concerned about the welfare of your patients and the quality (or lack thereof) of your medical decision-making. The fact that this person also seems to have a very poor grasp on lab interpretation only makes things worse. At least he/she is humble enough to admit that "school did not prepare me for this very well." We would say that this person needs some remedial education, but you can't remediate what you never learned in the first place - it seems pretty clear that midlevel nurse practitioner school doesn't teach basic antibiotic pharmacology in the first place. There's only so much one can learn when buying a degree from a 100%-online program offered by a for-profit diploma mill that only requires 500 clinical hours.