PMHNP student: It's all about the money

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Well, so much for practicing in underserved areas and increasing access to mental health care. It's clear where this TikTok PMHNP student's priorities a pile of money, of course! Isn't it ironic that the general public likes to perennially hate on physicians for their "high salaries" (while conveniently forgetting about the often crippling debt burden most physicians are under after medical school), while not realizing that money-obsessed midlevels are steadily driving up healthcare costs thanks to unnecessary testing, referrals, and "healthcare" enterprises such as IV hydration clinics and medspas? Patients in the US need more physicians and psychiatrists, not PMHNPs with no ethical or moral scruples who don't seem to demonstrate any interest whatsoever in patient care.

A quick Google search of this TikToker's handle (@psychnpbaddie) leads back to a nurse named Joyce Sanni. Let's see where she goes to PMHNP school:

Yep, it's everyone's favorite 100% online, for-profit NP diploma mill! A diploma mill that's currently under DOJ investigation for misleading students, we might add. Looks like Walden's $46,925 program doesn't cover basic medical ethics or professionalism. You know, basic concepts like "you should avoid making cringey TikTok videos implying that pure greed is the only thing driving your future career aspirations." I mean, can you imagine a physician making a video like this? Of course not, because 1) we're not that stupid and 2) we're too goddamn busy taking care of patients.

Oh, and can someone remind this PMHNP student to be more careful with sharps? Generally speaking, dancing while holding a sharp needle is highly inadvisable.