Nurse practitioner needs to know "what the numbers mean"

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In our medical opinion, the numbers mean that you are very stupid and that you shouldn't be allowed near patients anymore.

Nurse practitioner needs to know "what the numbers mean"
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The time for learning how to interpret basic laboratory studies and make safe and appropriate medical decisions is in school, not when dealing with a real, live, patient. Thankfully, that's not a concern for medical students who know this information like the back of their hand and take multiple board exams to demonstrate their clinical competence before being allowed to graduate from medical school.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for midlevel nurse practitioners. Here we have an example of how piss-poor nurse practitioner education is - literally. Based on the way the questions are posed, this poor NP appears to be a few thousand nephrons short of a fully functioning kidney; we can reasonably surmise that this midlevel has never even seen a urine culture with sensitivities. The question "best treatment and not the best treatment" isn't really a good one either, as it not only depends on the sensitivities (which the NP obviously doesn't know how to interpret), but also the patient's clinical history, which isn't provided. Thankfully, this patient's urine culture appears to be growing pan-susceptible E. coli. Of course, we wouldn't expect this dimwitted NP to know what that means, let alone what to do with that information in order to properly treat the patient.