Nurse practitioner achieves peak capitalism

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Note: It has come to our attention that as of 02/26/2021, the website has been taken down and replaced with a "Not Found" page. However, the site as it originally appeared is still viewable on

Fast Psych Arizona...oh great, who doesn't like a fast psychiatrist right?

Ah darn, it's another noctor by the name of Kelsey Brisbin, DNP, MSN, BS, PMHNP-BC (whew, I think I need to buy a new keyboard after typing all that out) (ab)using their 100% online, $695/credit hour DNP to call themselves doctor in a clinical setting, leading to potential confusion and deception among laypersons and patients who don't know any better and think they're seeing a psychiatrist, i.e. a physician. She even graduated from the prestigious "University of Medical Center"! Wow! And the Irma Kyle Kramer Award? Lol what? Everyone knows that the only thing that matters is making the cut for America's Top Doctors /s. But wait, we're just getting started...see anything wrong here?

How about a 30-day "refill", for the low low price of $29.99, or only $59.99 for 90 days? Why not get your money's worth with a 6-month refill for only a Benjamin? "Provides psychiatric medication bridge refills urgently to all populations and diagnoses 24 hours a day." This reads like it's a cash-for-scripts pill mill, with convenient 24-hour service to boot - how convenient! Although in my experience, the key to longevity for such operations is to, uh, not blatantly advertise it online along with a picture of yourself. But then again, who wouldn't want to wake up at 4am for the chance to make a quick 100 bucks? The "we do not refill medical medications" disclaimer is also super funny. As if psychotropic medications like SSRIs, SNRIs, TCAs, etc. aren't "medical medications", with a myriad of potentially serious and very medical side effects and interactions ranging from QT prolongation to serotonin syndrome to thrombocytopenia? Surely the Arizona Board of Nursing might take an interest in everything going on here.

Now that Arizona is a full practice authority state, midlevels will finally be flocking to rural areas to provide access to primary care and psychiatric/mental health services, right? That $350 cash fee (no insurance accepted, sorry!) will surely do wonders for all of the medically underserved and financially vulnerable patients out there! On the other hand, anyone who thinks that a psychiatric workup from a PMHNP is worth anywhere near $350 really does need their brain checked.

But wait, that's not all! Apparently, shortly after news of this site broke on Reddit and Twitter, NP Brisbin threatened legal action:

I'm genuinely confused. She states that the information is "defamatory and inaccurate" and "taken out of context", yet everything here is taken verbatim from her own website! Sounds like someone could benefit from a basic refresher on the concept of truth as an absolute defense to defamation. Congrats, you played yourself!

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