NP tries to meme on TikTok, ends up making cringiest video ever

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♬ original sound - chrisaraneda_ Just wow. I don't even know where to begin with this one. But let's humor her claims for a second.

  • "Getting into nurse practitioner school is hard" - Haha, no. The overabundance of online-only, find-your-own-preceptor NP programs with acceptance rates near or at 100% means that pretty much anyone with a pulse and enough cash to pay tuition is accepted.
  • Patient asks for the doctor because they don't want a nurse - This should honestly be happening a lot more often! Patients often don't realize that they're not paying any less to be seen by a midlevel with less training and experience. Why not get your entire money's worth to be seen by a physician?
  • NPs should have full practice authority because they are "trained professionals" - not even remotely comparable to the amount of training physicians undergo. That's why midlevels are intended to be supervised by physicians.
  • "When you didn't eat a thing your entire shift then go home and inhale the contents of your entire fridge" - if she thinks is somehow unique and special she should try living the life of a resident physician, particularly an ER or surgery resident.
  • "Wait two weeks to see a doctor" vs being seen immediately by a nurse practitioner - equating quality and quantity here. Better to wait and be seen by someone who knows what they're doing (i.e. a physician) instead of being seen immediately by a midlevel who may not have any idea what's going on.