NP student: 7,500 hours spent as a nurse is all you need for independent practice!

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Repeat after me: nursing is not medicine.

Ah, yes. According to an ER nurse by the name of Chris Lucia, four years/7,500 hours of nursing is a substitute for four years of medical school and 3-7 years of residency. If nursing school is all you need to be prepared for the independent practice of medicine, why do we need medical schools anyway? Also, let's be totally the honest, the 500 clinical hours of a typical nurse practitioner program are an afterthought. That is, if you manage to even find someone willing to precept you, which seems to be increasingly difficult these days due to the gross oversaturation of the NP field.

This clown then goes on to mock someone who tried to draw attention to the fully deserved reputation (or lack thereof) of NP schools these days:

Please, do drop out now. We really don't need any more midlevels making cringey TikTok videos while trying to draw a false equivalence between the training of midlevels/nurse practitioners and physicians. You'll be doing your future patients a favor.