NP: "I told him it might be a heart attack"

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"Might be"? It's a fucking STEMI!

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Jesus, is it even possible to commit malpractice any more flagrantly than this nurse practitioner did? How in the flying fuck do you miss a STEMI? You don't need to be a cardiologist or emergency physician. This is literally something a medical student or EMT could recognize. Not to mention the gross lapse in judgment here. If you're concerned enough to tell a patient who clearly has a history of coronary artery disease that "it might be a heart attack", why the hell would you let the patient drive off to the ED in his own car instead of calling EMS? Why even bother trying to work up a chief complaint of chest pain in an urgent care setting instead of having the patient immediately shipped off? Clearly, this midlevel screwed the pooch (and the patient, who unfortunately later died) in multiple aspects. We're glad that this BAFERD took the initiative to report this NP's major fuck-ups to the nursing board. We encourage all physicians to do the same.