Midlevel doesn't like their own job title

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If you don't want to be called a midlevel, then go to medical school and become a physician.


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Presumably, people go to school and train for a certain profession because they take pride in their job title and their role within the greater system, not because they are self-loathing. People go to medical school to become physicians/doctors. People go to Physician Assistant school to become Physician Assistants. People go to Nurse Practitioner school to become...nurse practitioners. Of course, by virtue of their much lesser education and in deference to physicians who complete 7+ years of medical school, residency and fellowship, people in the latter two professions are also known as mid-level providers and physician extenders. As with any other profession or line of work, those with the most education, training, and experience - i.e. physicians - sit at the top of the hierarchy. So why is this PA so triggered by the term "physician's assistant", "mid-level provider", or "physician extender"? All of these terms describe perfectly this PA's role in the healthcare system. The purpose of her intermediate-level medical education is to prepare her to deliver care in a supervised capacity and thereby assist physicians and extend their reach. If this PA truly hates her job title, perhaps she should consider going to medical school so that she can be a top-level physician?