Insane PMHNP accuses us of being internet criminals

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If you're going to take potshots at us, bud, it's best that you don't miss.

Insane PMHNP accuses us of being internet criminals

We decided to copy-and-paste this Facebook post onto Midlevel.WTF not only because the batshit-insane PMHNP who wrote it wanted us to, but also because we feel there's a compelling public interest for some discussion here in order to correct the multiple false accusations, statements, and legal misconceptions here.

"On the website and FB page pictures, names, phone numbers, license numbers, and NPI numbers were made public without consent."

First and foremost, this woefully naive nurse practitioner appears to be severely deluded as to what the word "public" means. News flash: one does not need "consent" to screenshot and write about a publicly-accessible Facebook page or publicly resolvable website that's viewable by anyone with an internet connection and a functioning pair of eyeballs. And the "Print Screen" key on my keyboard doesn't need consent from anything except our middle finger. And if you seriously fucking think that your medical or nursing license number isn't supposed to be public, maybe you should rub your two remaining brain cells together and ask yourself why literally every state medical and nursing board website helpfully offers an interactive search tool for the sole purpose of researching license holders. The most hilarious part of this misguided PMHNP's rant is the fact that he/she thinks NPI numbers aren't public. Guess what, chuckleface, the NPI numbers and associated registry profiles of both you and yours truly are publicly available thanks to the United States federal government and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). If you voluntarily forked over your home address and personal phone number to the United States federal government while registering for your NPI, well, that's your own damn fault. Take it up with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, not us.

"This information was then included in the commentary and clearly used to humiliate and damage the reputations of the subjects.  That’s the definition of doxing and is illegal."

Just as concerningly, this foolish NP appears to have some serious issues comprehending what "doxxing" really is, as well as the legal status of "doxxing". Wikipedia defines doxxing as "the act of publicly providing personally identifiable information about an individual or organization, usually via the Internet and without their consent to do so". But can it really be considered doxxing when the information discussed is already made public by another party, especially if it's the so-called victim's own social media business page (that was intended for public consumption), or the government itself? Is that not just standard practice for any investigative journalist? In any case, most reputable legal sources agree that "doxxing" (if you still insist on accusing us of doing that) itself is not illegal in the United States, especially if the information in question was already public and obtained using legal sources and methods, and if said information is not used to facilitate the commission of actual crimes such as harassment, stalking, or intimidation.

And strictly speaking, it's important to point out that the concepts of humiliation and "damaging reputation" are legally distinct from "doxxing" and would be more appropriately categorized under the umbrella of defamation, specifically libel and slander. We're not going to get into an extensive discussion of these topics, because it's really not necessary. The midlevel-generated content that we feature is inherently self-humiliating and self-damaging once it's seen and appreciated by anyone with comprehensive training in medicine, e.g. a physician. Needless to say, you can't go after us for libel simply because we decided to publicize documentary evidence of your own incompetence and/or dishonesty.

Hilariously enough, that never seems to stop butthurt midlevels (mostly nurse practitioners) from threatening us with lawyers and trying to report us to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP).

AANP - Report Now Form

That's right, it's true! The AANP actually has a form on their website where "AANP members are encouraged to report negative statements made about the nurse practitioner (NP) role". 🤣 For the record, the AANP hasn't done jack-fucking-shit about us other than blocking us on X/Twitter. We haven't heard a single peep from them. As far as we're concerned, this form might as well redirect straight into a black hole or /dev/null! Take notes, butthurt NPs reading this page.

Took me about 30 minutes to figure out who owns the site and where they are located.  They used Perfect Privacy LLC based out of Jacksonville Florida to hide behind and I thought I was done.  BUT there is a PayPal button to get donations which led me to LLC which led me to a contact name, an MD name, and a New Mexico business address....I have taken screenshots and am filing a complaint for unethical conduct with the New Mexico medical board against the physician identified as well as any other physician I can ID as responsible for content on the site or FB page.  I will also be filing an IC3 form for internet crime.

If you're going to take potshots at us, bud, it's best that you don't miss. If it only took you about 30 minutes "to figure out who owns the site and where they are located", you probably need to spend a lot more time. After all, if you end up making any false allegations against a physician or wrongly accuse an innocent person of a crime, you might be the one staring down charges of slander, libel, harassment, or making a false report. Tread carefully... 😉

Finally, we do have to give some credit to this enterprising NP for correctly acknowledging at least one thing. You really are an unworthy, uneducated, moron who doesn’t deserve any respect.