How frustrating it is to work with Psychiatric NPs

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Originally posted on Reddit by u/cmarie22345

I’m a clinical social worker and provide therapy and evaluations to children and adolescents. All of my clients are on some sort of medication...they’re also on Medicaid which puts them in the unfortunate spot of having to use lower income clinics where the medication prescribers are NP’s.

It has been SO FRUSTRATING working with these prescribers. My job includes doing evaluations where we assess for mental health diagnoses, and to get the NPs to re-assess medication needs as a result of changing mental health needs has been borderline impossible. Why has my 8-year-old still on Adderall a year after I sent you clear documentation and proof that ADHD was a mis-diagnosis from a previous provider? Why is my 10-year-old still on Lexapro after there has been clearly communicated concerns of psychotic side effects occurring as a result of the medication? Why won’t you pick up a simple phone call after I’ve been trying to contract you for WEEKS regarding my 16-year-old's sexual assault and ensuing trauma symptoms that we feel need to be addressed?

And on the flip side, the few of my clients that see actual doctors have been such a smoother ride. They actually take time to discuss the clients presenting concerns and are very conservative with issuing hardcore psychiatric medications to children.

It’s been really difficult to do my job on the therapy end when my client is suffering from awful side effects and have a medication list not all addressing update mental health needs. Sorry for the rant but I needed to vent. The lack of attention and care to the medication aspect has caused so many damn issues and I feel awful for these poor kids and their parents. They simply cannot afford better help.