Hate mail from Michelle Rhyner, NP

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Michelle Rhyner, NP

From: Michelle Rhyner <[email protected]>
Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 6:27 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Proud to be a provider and NP

I just have to express my utter disgust that a group of MDs takes such an extraneous effort to discredit those that work beside them. The MDs I work with thank god treat us as peers and equals, not midlevels. After one hell of a year for the medical profession,  it is an absolute disgrace to YOUR profession that a page such as this exists. This is a systemic issue and the outlet shouldn't be to just call out NPs but make a contiguous effort to improve the overall education of NPs so we can work along side each other doing what we should be which is taking the best possible care of the PATIENT. This page only makes it look as though you all are somehow threatened. Pretty sure you all were residents at one point requiring oversight and probably asking stupid questions that nurses answered for you. How about we fight for higher standards of the educational programs that poorly reflect NPs and demand some sort of residency. I work at one of the hospitals hit extremely hard during COVID actually top amount of cases in the nation for months. Im a hospitalist nurse practitioner and due to the overwhelming amount of critically ill patients the NPs and MDs formed a bond that far supersedes the normal co-management of patients. We learned so much from one another and both parties had important input to get through absolute hell. Ive seen thousands of patients 30s-60s die this past year. I work 7 days on and 7 days off. We rotate nights. I worked 2 weeks of nights during November and December while we were in an absolute living hell. The ER MD and myself ran 20 codes together one night and never could have done it without each other. I respect physicians in an extraordinary way and where I have worked they actually have respected NPs as well. We all realize the rigorous education and hours that physicians have put in. What you need to respect is the fact that some of us worked bedside 12-14 hours in critical care with a patient ALL day and I guarantee the nurse knows that patient better than anyone. We have different educational paths and could actually work as a team. In the midst of a pandemic when everyone is working their asses off its in pretty poor taste to dedicate your time to a page demeaning other human beings. I would suggest dedicating your time to finding a more productive way to escalate patient care, to demand MSN programs stop cranking out NPs with subpar clinical guidelines and/or maybe even mentoring those that need it. This past year truly should have encouraged people to respect each other, appreciate each other and remember we are human beings. The postings come across in such a vitriolic way that it makes you look entitled and intimidated. Nurse Practitioners are not going anywhere and continue to make strides. Do you know how many stories I have of nurses/NPs/PAs preventing sentinel events from physicians, the ridiculous amount of greed, the doctors giving patients misinformation/no information, MDs not even knowing the patients medical history, surgeons running 3 ORs at once, fraudulently billing, not even doing their rounds, not even listening to the lungs of a COVID patient, giving bolus/lasix combos, not knowing one thing about treating CIWA patients, intubating into the right main stem bronchus then not even order an x-ray, misplacement of a central line into the subarachnoid space(no xray) and transfusing pressors, the list could go on and on. The right thing for patient safety is to collaborate without animosity and use the multidisciplinary approach for the best outcome. NPs aren't the harm to the patient, the mentality of always blaming an NP/PA is in the end going to be the issue. I don't think any of us "mid-levels" began pages regarding the numerous F*ck ups of physicians as we have more class than that. 


Nurse Practitioner that even though slammed by your group still respects physicians, glad I went the educational route I did and proud to provide my patients with excellent care all while having a good bedside manner 
Go ahead and post this so you can all pick it apart although most of us are pretty tough and have dealt with ignorant entitled doctors for a long time