Finding NP student preceptors is becoming a big business

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Once again, the free market provides.

It's no big secret that nurse practitioner students are having great difficulty finding preceptors for their 500 clinical training hours, what with the massive proliferation of online MSN/NP programs at for-profit diploma mills and less-than-stellar institutions that make no effort to arrange clinical placements for their customers students. Unsurprisingly, then, it looks like capitalists are angling in on this in the hope of making a quick buck. We recently got wind of what appears to be a newly-established outfit by the name of MyClinicalFinder, which purports to connect desperate eager nurse practitioner students with preceptors for $20 per placement and whatever the preceptor feels like charging:

Pricing | MyClinicalFinder -

They've apparently been attempting to solicit physicians on Twitter too.

Sure, I'd love to sign up! I'd be more than happy to precept NP students for the low, low price of only $69,420 per rotation. Hopefully, physicians will get wise to this and band together in agreement to not teach NPs, or set exorbitantly high prices. After all, physicians have no obligation to teach nurses medicine. Eventually, with the increased educational segregation of physicians and nurse practitioners, it will become self-evident that one of these groups is nothing more than the blind leading the blind - and unfortunately, this will be reflected in the quality of patient care.