Fan mail from Sheri Saluga, PMHNP-BC

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Unhinged hate mail from a so-called Psychiatric-Mental Health nurse practitioner. Oh lawd, the irony!

Yay! We received our first pieces of fan mail, from a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner no less! Thanks Sheri!

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Sheri Saluga [email protected]
Tue, Feb 9, 5:25 PM

Really? Your that pressed to find fault with mid levels? Get yourself a hobby, better yet if your so passionate about your your pic and name to your website. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Bully much?

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I be fair, we're not hard-pressed at all to find fault with midlevels when they're the ones who keep generating content for us. And what if this is one of my hobbies? Don't be so judgmental, Sheri! This is exactly why we at MidlevelWTF are not in any hurry to doxx ourselves. We don't want any deranged midlevels on our lawns!

Sheri Saluga [email protected]
Wed, Feb 10, 4:58 PM

Well this is mature and professional.....who in a position of any type of doctor status uses the term “Karen”? Your a fraud. Your posting everyday all day, so I’m going to assume your not currently practicing with your overwhelming knowledge, mr/mrs I never have to ask a colleague a question......get yourself together. I’m gonna find out who you are and when I do m gonna blast you on social media just like your doing to honest, good people. Just hang in there.

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Hey Sheri, I've got news for you. You see, some people like funny memes and popular culture, and some people are doctors. Sometimes, those two groups overlap and you end up with doctors who like to meme! Calm down Karen! Errr, Sheri!

Also, why assume we don't practice? If there's one thing physicians are good at, it's multitasking efficiently. In fact, compared to midlevels, physicians see more patients with more complex problems! And no one ever said anything about not asking a colleague a question. The big difference is that physicians don't ask random people on Facebook for help with their patients! You see, physicians use a formalized process of consults and referrals to verified and trustworthy health care professionals in order to maintain some sense of accountability to their patients.

Finally, Sheri's threat to "find out who [we] are" and "blast [us] on social media]" really has us quaking in our boots. Good thing you gave yourself a head start by letting us know who you are, though! Thank heavens that you're a PMHNP, because we're definitely going to need some cognitive-behavioral therapy and a script for Ativan after reading your emails. Whew!

And here's what Sheri sent us after we blocked her account on Twitter:

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Sheri Saluga [email protected]
Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 2:35 PM

Lol! Got to hot in the kitchen for ya? Couldn’t take all the research I sent you on physician errors, and NP practice authority that is supported by real physicians? Research from John Hopkins, IOM, National Institute of Health that you said were some shit?

Quite obvious that you can bully, harass, mock, demean, and humiliate others but when evidence is handed to you on the contrary you block people from posting the truth to your page. We’re you becoming “unhinged”?

Grow up, it’s soo obvious who you are. Don’t dish it out if you aren’t willing to accept the push back. Again I’m not going to sit back quietly and let you bully people for asking questions.

POST THAT TO YOUR fake website that gets absolutely zero attention....and to you Twitter page with 56 fake followers.

Good day....may God bless you cause you truly need some.

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If by "got to [sic] hot in the kitchen for ya" you mean that any sane person would've gotten exhausted trying to put up with her incessant, nonsensical Twitter posts, sure. It's ironic that Sheri thinks that it's "soo obvious who [we] are", when she truly has no clue. Perhaps even more ironic is that she calls our website "fake" (it's very real?) and thinks it gets zero attention. Sheri, take a look at our latest analytics:

"Absolutely zero attention", eh?