"Crack" PA makes an ass of herself

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These are the kinds of videos that midlevels make when their level of professionalism is as far up their ass as their understanding of basic human anatomy.

We recently came across this hot steaming turd from TikTok user @taybreezy14, also known as physician assistant Taylor Ross.

Put a finger down and while you were in PA school, you used to do a lot of prostate exams on your family medicine rotation. And one day, you're doing a prostate exam with your preceptor in the room, and you can't find the guy's anus. So, you mouth to your preceptor, "I can't find his anus!" and your preceptor comes and spreads his butt cheeks for you...and you still can't find the anus. (laughter)

So your preceptor ends up doing the prostate exam, and afterwards, you realize the anus is a lot lower than you thought it was. And then you realize that you've been doing prostate exams for three weeks, and you haven't actually (laughter) put your finger in anyone's anus. And the whole time you thought you were doing prostate exams, you were actually doing crack exams! (laughter)

And nobody corrected you and didn't tell you that you weren't actually checking their prostate, you only put your finger in their crack! (laughter)
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Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Can you imagine a medical student or resident physician being this incompetent, let alone making a video as grotesquely unprofessional as this one? Without a doubt, it would be grounds for instant expulsion from medical school or termination from residency. Seriously, how is it possible to be so fucking clueless about basic human anatomy that you can't distinguish the anus from the gluteal cleft? How was this physician assistant even allowed to start clinical rotations without knowing how to tell the difference between an ass-crack and an ass-hole? Did she never learn where poop comes from? Maybe the old saying that "girls don't poop" is true after all!

Such a deficiency would be unforgivable in medical school and would almost certainly result in an automatic failure on an OSCE, assuming a medical student would be even allowed to pass preclinical basic anatomy with this glaring deficiency in knowledge of where a human being's chocolate starfish is located. And one can only imagine what kind of absolutely shit-tier preceptor was "precepting" this midlevel student while somehow failing to notice the fact that she had been doing "crack exams" for three weeks straight. Just imagine all the possible pathologies that could be missed - prostate cancer, hemorrhoids, dark or bloody stool that could be concerning for an acute GI bleed, etc. Our most sincere sympathies go out to all those men who had their posterior crevices fondled by this "crack" midlevel physician assistant. On the bright side, I guess her "crack exams" would catch a pilonidal cyst?