"Dr." Carly Willeford, DNP, MS, FNP, BSN-BSW, RN

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Who needs evidence-based medicine when you have the power of biblical principles and creation science?

Today's noctor really puts the WTF in MidlevelWTF. Here we have a "doctor" by the name of Carly Willeford, who along with her husband who is an actual doctor (anesthesiologist) by the name of Kenneth Lee Willeford, runs an operation in North Carolina by the name of Coastal Carolinas Integrated Medicine that claims to be a "cutting edge ​Board Certified Interventional Spine and Pain Management Center" that also offers addiction medicine services. Here's a part of "Dr." Carly's about page:


Get past the inexplicable animated rock concert background, and we have a couple of very intellectually simulating questions. "What if your 'doctor' is a Nurse?" I think the better question is, "What if your doctor is a physician?" I don't know what a DNP nurse is, but I do know that they have nowhere near the amount of education, training, and experience an attending physician with a MD/DO has!

"A Board Certified Nurse Practitioners holds a medical license"? Lol, what? No. This is FAKE NEWS. In North Carolina, APRNs/nurse practitioners are very clearly licensed under the Board of Nursing, not the medical board, and require a supervising physician. Report this false advertising here:

North Carolina Board of Nursing Public Complaint
North Carolina Medical Board Public Complaint

To be honest, nurse practitioners and other midlevels really should be subservient to the medical board since the ability to "order laboratory & diagnostic testing and prescribe medications" is nothing more than a long-winded way of describing the practice of medicine. And if I were a physician married to a nurse practitioner who deliberately and falsely claimed to have a medical license, I'm pretty sure I'd want a divorce. But I digress. "Dr." Carly's bio gets even better:

We're also really confused as to how "biblical principles" and "creation science" go along with diagnosing and treating disease. Do you pray the disease away? If humans were the result of creation and intelligent design, why does disease even exist in the first place? I'm not sure that a nurse practitioner who believes in mixing the Bible and creationism into healthcare can be trusted to practice evidence-based medicine.

It's always funny when DNPs try to brag about their "advanced-level" terminal degrees. Take a quick look at the University of South Carolina's DNP program - not only is the course content entirely online, but it's advertised as something that can be completed part-time while you work! It truly sounds like a very rigorous program. Have you ever seen a reputable medical school that offers a 100%-online curriculum that can be completed while you work your day job? The fact that hospitals are allowing DNPs to prance around the floors, seeing patients and practicing "healthcare", is truly a horrifying thought. This DNP is right about one thing though - the complexity of modern healthcare "requires the highest level of scientific knowledge and practice expertise to assure quality patient outcomes." It just happens that this highest level of scientific knowledge and practice expertise can only be provided by physicians.