Ask Arizona Legislators to support unmatched physicians with SB 1271!

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Ask AZ Legislators to SUPPORT SB 1271!
Help speak out to increase access to primary care in Arizona. YES to SB 1271.

With 1,831 new graduates of US MD and DO medical schools going unmatched (and thousands more from international medical schools) in the 2020 match cycle, it's a travesty that these orphaned, residency-less physicians are unable to secure employment as a doctor anywhere, even in a supervised capacity. Meanwhile, hospitals and institutions continue to hire less-qualified NPs and PAs, some of which are new graduates too, while simultaneously overworking and underpaying their residents. Let's let lawmakers in Arizona know how we feel and inform them of your support for SB 1271, which "allows qualified medical school graduates, who do not match with a residency program, the ability to collaborate with licensed physicians in providing needed patient care to underserved areas."