NP wants to know about treating COVID with experimental drug

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At least she's not asking about hydroxychloroquine.

OK, this is hands-down one of the nuttier questions we've seen asked. Props to NP Kathy Agiri for being concise and straight to the point, though, unlike the rambling "vignettes" we usually see posted by clueless midlevels. It's unclear what her intentions here are, though. Is she just wanting to know out of curiosity about the use of vadadustat, an experimental drug for treating anemia in non-dialysis CKD patients, to treat COVID? There is, after all, a phase II Department of Defense-sponsored trial studying the use of vadadustat to prevent COVID-induced ARDS. Maybe a friend or family member is in the trial?  In any case, the best source of knowledge would be an actual physician or researcher, specifically one affiliated with the clinical trial, not a random Facebook group of nurse practitioners. The most disturbing possibility would be that this midlevel is actually trying to treat COVID patients with an experimental drug. I certainly hope not!